Fresh Lime Soda

I used to make this ALL the time when we lived in Arizona…perfect for a hot summer day.

Mix in a pitcher:
3/4 cup squeezed lime juice (about 6 limes)
3/4 cup honey syrup* (more of less to taste)
4 cups club soda or sparking mineral water

Serve chilled or over ice.

*To help honey mix with cold drinks, make the honey syrup by mixing:
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup boiling water

Stir until honey liquifies.

Did I change anything? This is a great recipe if you want to make some just for yourself or if you have a lot of people to serve; the recipe can easily be doubled or cut in half. Also, I have never made the honey syrup. I just make the drink at room temperature, add the honey and taste as I go along until I like the sweetness and then add the ice.

What does the family think? I have never made it for them. It’s a “me” drink. 🙂

from Simply Vegetarian

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