Update: Going (mostly) Paleo and (mostly) Gluten-Free

We are about three weeks into our new way of eating and it’s really been remarkably easy. We have hit a few bumps, but changing the way you’ve been eating isn’t going to come without a few hiccups. My husband has lost thirteen pounds in three weeks, so I think that says something. My husband also really wanted to try eating this way because of the prevalence of diabetes in his family…hoping that this would help stop the onset of diabetes in his own body by not eating things that could lead in that direction.

In my last post I listed some things we’d been eating, here are some additions if you would like to try them out as well. The one thing I have noticed is that we are eating a lot more veggies since we are trying to work them into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gluten-free cereal by KIND and Udi’s
Frittas and omelets with onion, spinach, ricotta and mushrooms
Vanilla or plain yogurt with blueberries and sausage on the side
Orange juice with a splash or two of carrot juice in it

Cucumber slices topped with salmon salad (like tuna salad, just with salmon)

Baked salmon with olive oil, salt and pepper, roasted parmesan broccoli and fruit
Chicken Curry with Cauliflower rice
Roasted Crockpot Chicken with salad and fruit
Cheeseburgers (with no bun) salad and fruit
Buttermilk Roasted Chicken (haven’t tried it yet, it’s on the menu for this week)
Chili Cilantro CrockPot Lime Chicken (haven’t tried it yet, it’s on the menu for this week)

Dang! (roasted coconut with salt and sugar…it’s really filling and SO good)


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2 Responses to Update: Going (mostly) Paleo and (mostly) Gluten-Free

  1. Hannah

    Frugal Fanny here…wondering if you have noticed a price increase in your family’s food? How about the amount of time required to prepare your food? Love all your ideas, btw. I’m reading the book “French Kids Eat Everything” and it really is making me think about our family’s food habits & routines.

  2. Nina

    The second week we had a major increase in our grocery bill mostly because we had purchased a lot of almonds, walnuts, and other nuts. We had also purchased some other snack foods that have lasted us for over a week now. It also makes a big difference if I go shopping by myself or if the rest of the family goes too. My husband is the worst. If he goes with us we are bound to spend a significantly larger sum of money at the store.

    As far as the time spent goes…the rice cauliflower took a while, but everything else is pretty in line with the amount of time I spend in the kitchen normally. I have been making the breakfast frittatas at night so they can just be reheated in the morning since there definitely isn’t a lot of time to spare before school/work.

    I have been meaning to read that book too. It has been on my “to read” list for a while and I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Everyone I know who has read raves about it though.

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