Itty Bitty Pies

Several, several years ago I made these with my nieces at Christmas. I hadn’t made them since and I have no idea why because they are ridiculously easy and crazy good.

Cooking Spray
Your choice of pie filling (apple and cherry are what we’ve tried)
Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts…the kind you roll out

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Spray cookie sheet with cooking oil.

Let pie crust sit out for about five minutes before unrolling. You will use both crusts that are in the package.

Unroll pie crusts and use a wide-mouth glass to cut circles out. I use the Pampered Chef circle cutter, so you use that if you have one of those.

You should have about 12 circles when you are done depending on how big your circles are and how close together you cut them out.

Lay out one circle and put a dollop of pie filling in the center and cover with another circle. Use a fork to press edges together. Continue until you have used all your circles. If you have one circle left over you can put a little filling in it and just fold it in half.

Place pies on the cookie sheet and bake for 5-7 minutes or until they start to get golden brown.

What did the family think? These are so spectacularly awesome.

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