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Update: Going (mostly) Paleo and (mostly) Gluten-Free

We are about three weeks into our new way of eating and it’s really been remarkably easy. We have hit a few bumps, but changing the way you’ve been eating isn’t going to come without a few hiccups. My husband has lost thirteen pounds in three weeks, so I think that says something. My husband also really wanted to try eating this way because of the prevalence of diabetes in his family…hoping that this would help stop the onset of diabetes in his own body by not eating things that could lead in that direction.

In my last post I listed some things we’d been eating, here are some additions if you would like to try them out as well. The one thing I have noticed is that we are eating a lot more veggies since we are trying to work them into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gluten-free cereal by KIND and Udi’s
Frittas and omelets with onion, spinach, ricotta and mushrooms
Vanilla or plain yogurt with blueberries and sausage on the side
Orange juice with a splash or two of carrot juice in it

Cucumber slices topped with salmon salad (like tuna salad, just with salmon)

Baked salmon with olive oil, salt and pepper, roasted parmesan broccoli and fruit
Chicken Curry with Cauliflower rice
Roasted Crockpot Chicken with salad and fruit
Cheeseburgers (with no bun) salad and fruit
Buttermilk Roasted Chicken (haven’t tried it yet, it’s on the menu for this week)
Chili Cilantro CrockPot Lime Chicken (haven’t tried it yet, it’s on the menu for this week)

Dang! (roasted coconut with salt and sugar…it’s really filling and SO good)


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Going Gluten Free

Don’t freak out…let me explain. My husband is going gluten-free for health reasons and I am going along for the ride. I don’t expect to be exclusively gluten-free because I don’t have to be and because there’s a lot of things out there that I like to eat that require gluten, especially if they are going to be tasty. Let’s me honest. I love pie…real pie. I also love baguettes with butter that are dripping with honey. BUT I must also tell you that going gluten-free hasn’t really been as difficult as I thought it would be. We are about halfway through our first week, so I thought I would share what we’ve been eating so far and you can judge for yourself.

-Hardboiled eggs, breakfast sausage, banana, juice
-Gluten-free “granola” from Kind
-Breakfast Tacos-scrambled eggs, guacamole, cheese, salsa in a corn taco shell
-Breakfast Bowl-Scrambled eggs, guacamole, cheese, salsa

-Canned salmon mixed in with lettuce and tomatoes with a GF an olive oil and balsamic dressing
-Meatball lettuce wrap with GF terriyaki sauce
-Quinoa topped with an avocado, two over easy eggs with Paremesan sprinkled on top

-Cheeseburger Soup with a salad and some fruit
-Salmon and Baked Cinnamon/Cumin Carrots with a salad and some fruit
-Slow Cooker Coq au Vin with a salad and some fruit
The recipes for dinner came from two cookbooks that I would recommend even if we weren’t going gluten free: Wheat Belly Cookbook and Well Fed.

-almond and salted cashew nut mix
-Hummus with crackers
-Hummus with cucumbers
-Tortilla chips and salsa
-Tortilla chips and guacamole
-Fruit…mostly bananas and grapefruit

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