Turkey Reuben Sandwiches

These are a healthier version of this deli favorite…

2 T Dijon mustard
8 slices Rye bread
4 slices Swiss cheese
8 oz. thinly sliced smoked turkey
2/3 c. sauerkraut, drained and rinsed
1/4 c. Thousand Island dressing
1 T canola oil, DIVIDED

Spread mustard evenly over each bread slice.

Place one slice of cheese on four of the bread slices.

Divide turkey evenly between the sandwiches. Place turkey on top of the cheese slices.

Divide sauerkraut evenly among the four bread slices with turkey and place sauerkraut on top of the turkey.

Top sauerkraut with 1 T of dressing. Spread dressing with a knife.

Top each with the remaining slices of bread, mustard side down.

Heat half of the canola oil in a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Add 2 sandwiches to the pan; top with another heavy skillet (or whatever reasonable thing you can find in your kitchen that is heavy enough to smash the sandwiches down a bit).

Cook three minutes on each side or until golden.

Repeat with the remainder of the canola oil and remaining sandwiches.

What does the family think? Hubby and I love these. The boys like them if I only give them turkey and cheese.

Did I change anything? Usually I will skip the canola oil and put butter on the bread like I do when I am making a grilled cheese.

Recipe from Cooking Light

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