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I do dread packing lunches. It’s always fun the first few weeks and then the fun, well, let’s just say it tapers off a bit. We still have to take lunches though and we are committed to creating as little waste as possible and to make our lunch boxes fun. How do we do that?

Let’s start with our lunch sacks. I let the kids pick their own lunch box. My only requirement is that it be big enough to hold a decent-sized lunch. These kids aren’t getting any smaller which means their lunches aren’t getting any smaller either.

Next, sandwich bags…out with the plastic bags and in with the cloth ones. We have Keeper Sacks and ReUsies. We use these to take snacks to school sometimes too. What do I love about them the most? I don’t have to buy tons of plastic sandwich bags. Why do the kids love them? They come in all kinds of fun colors and patterns.

My ABSOLUTE favorite lunch accessory is our Foogoo thermoses. Why do I love them so very, very, very much? They are dishwasher safe!!! Also, my kids don’t eat a lot of cold sack lunches, so we use these a LOT.

Drinks? We really try to limit sugar intake around here, so my kids get water. I don’t send milk because my children have been known to leave lunch sacks at school over Thanksgiving Break. No one wants to clean out milk that’s been sitting there for five days. So, they get water and they drink it from Kleen Kanteens. We like the hook loop lids…they don’t leak. Also, these come in lots of different colors which may seem like a good idea, but we have found that the steel colored ones are best because there is no paint to chip off. When the paint starts to chip off they just aren’t quite as much fun.

The other super important component of our lunch packing are these containers from IKEA. They are BPA free and come in lots of shapes and sizes. They are great for crackers, fruit, hummus, salsa, veggie sticks and the list goes on and on.

We also use cloth napkins and real silverware. I don’t think my kids actually use the napkins for wiping their mouths or hands, but they are there just in case they are inspired to use their manners at the lunch table. If nothing else, I put their napkins at the bottom of their lunchboxes and if anything spills (which it does) those cloth napkins are great at soaking up the mess. Do I ever lose silverware in the lunchroom trashcan? Probably, but not much.

What are some of your lunchbox must haves? Please share your ideas.:)


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2 Responses to Lunch Box Supplies

  1. Rose Kopecky

    Tell me about the Reusies and keeper sacks….do you have to hand wash them each time?

  2. Julia Gaynor

    I love Dabbawallabags. Durable, cute and really easy to keep clean–even machine washable.

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